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Build Community.

Enhance Your Leadership Skills.

Lead Systemic Change.

Program Overview

The Black Education Leaders 4 Liberation Institute is a 10-month program designed to increase the capacity of Black school-based leaders to transform their schools into more liberatory institutions. Using the Maggie's Village LLC Blueprint (Connect. Heal. Learn. Build.) leaders will engage in reflective and collaborative professional learning and create plans for systemic change. 

At Maggie's Village, we describe the education "system" as a group of people at multiple levels who make decisions about educating students. Those decisions extend beyond the content and pedagogy of the classroom, and include the policies and practices around schedules, hiring, family engagement, and every other aspect of the schooling experience. We recognize that decisions at the state and federal levels play a significant role in the overall education system, but the school is a system in and of itself and is the place where most students and families directly encounter the larger system. This means that school principals are uniquely positioned to lead systemic change (within their circle of control) that can have lasting impact on their students and the community at large.

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The Blueprint

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Program Components

Who Should Apply?

This program is for principals in K-12 schools who identify as Black or African American and have served in a school-wide capacity (e.g., dean, assistant principal, principal, etc.) for at least 3 years, with at least one of those years being the school principal. Because transformative work is led by teams, we also welcome assistant principals to apply WITH their principal only. Assistant principal applicants must have at least one full year of experience in their role.

Our approach starts with looking inward before making outward changes. Leaders who apply to this program must be prepared to reflect on their personal stories and the ways those stories impact their leadership. This includes the ways in which their identity and experiences as a Black person, student, and educator, influence they ways they show up as a leader. Applicants should also value collaboration and working within affinity. Lastly, this program goes beyond just creating plans. Leaders will have the opportunity to put their plan in action while getting support and feedback from the cohort and program leaders.

Applications for the 2023-2024 Institute will be available in February 2023!

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