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Committed to Helping Communities Thrive

We envision liberated communities where Black youth are thriving within healthy families, with access to excellent education and strong local economies.

Welcome to Maggie's Village

Happy Family Portrait

Our Mission Story

We partner with youth, families, and youth-serving organizations to help build capacity for transformative collective impact. By forming strategic partnerships, leveraging assets, and addressing needs, we provide a multi-pronged approach to programming and services that lead to community advancement.

The Blueprint

  • We CONNECT because we believe that our individual successes are tied to our collective success, and that liberation requires community. We bring people together to achieve our shared goals.

  • We create space to HEAL from the harm caused by trauma and oppressive systems. We also acknowledge the ways we have internalized harmful practices and do the work to heal any harm we’ve caused.

  • We value LEARNing as a prerequisite for liberation, and recognize that it also includes the unlearning that happens as we heal. Knowledge empowers us to make change and create the thriving villages we deserve. 

  • As we learn and heal, we work together to BUILD strong families and thriving communities. We do this by increasing capacity, removing barriers, and creating access to vital resources.

Happy Family Portrait


Go Back and Get It
We are guided by the wisdom of learning from the past to help us build a strong future.

Akoma Ntoaso:

We are all connected

We achieve our

goals via collective work & responsibility.


Fern: Symbol of Resourcefulness
We are defiant against difficulties and will use

every resource available to reach our goal.

We are accountable to each other

The solidarity
in our brother/sisterhood provides safety.

Nea Onnim:

He Who Does

Not Know

Our lifelong quest for
knowledge includes both learning and unlearning.

Our Guiding Principles